next generation of pre-fab production lines and concrete

We are your expert for economic and ecologic cement bonded hybrid wall elements and fast concrete production lines - worldwide.


> we support you with machines and material

-  mobile production line

- unique material technology

- support and setup of the complete production

- we are your companion

The solutions are as simple as efficient. housefabrik has invented new concrete materials and production methods that combines the best of two worlds: 


 Our passion is concrete and we love to work with the material. Machines are the limit but we break rules and developed machines for the concrete. We engineered the next generation of concrete facade and hybrid concrete wall elements AND the machines – innovative, green, high performance, cost-efficient and fast. The company developed  mobile production lines that allow the fabrication of innovative facade panels or cement bonded hybrid wall elements for insulation wall panels, insulation concrete cladding and exposed insulation facade sheets as well as simple foam-concrete block elements.




High Tech applications like safety elements for shelter rooms, panic rooms or blast proof rooms can also be realized within the same innovative production technology. housefabrik is located in Germany and sells machines and material technology to your local market.